Condominium Management and Administration

Providing this service to the condominium includes all tasks legaly defined in portuguese law. This is the most required service to solve all problems and legal bureaucracy. A professional software is used to manage all condominium issues.

Condominium management suport

Assistance to the interim administrador in finance/accounting area. A professional software is used to assist.

Maintenace plan

Inspection and small generic anomalies resolutions to prevent major damages. Periodic lamp replacement, switches, fire extinguisher revision, etc, by a professional technician, properly identified. No extra costs for site trip.

Cleaning plan

The first impression lasts long. With, at least, one general weekly cleaning we can adapt to specific or seasonal needs of your condominium. Includes insurance as mandatory by law.

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We are a Condominium Management Company (CAE: 68322) both housing and comercial, working in counties of Albufeira (since 2018), Faro (since 2008), Loulé (since 2003), Olhão (since 2013) and S.B. Alportel (since 2006).


Monday to Friday:
From 9am to 5pm

Resting days:
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays


Rua Padre António Vieira, Bloco B R/C Esq 8100-611, Loulé

Tlf: +351 289 417 785
Tlm (24h): +351 967 089 285

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