Who are we


Long before F.M.C. - Gestão e Administração de Condomínios Lda existence, in 2008, it´s founder had started activity in this area back in 2003.

With improved experience and professionalism since then, we still take care of the condominiums which we started with and led to our growth and consolidation.

Primarily and mainly in Loulé county, we expando to borderline counties, such as Faro, S.B. Alportel, Olhão and Albufeira.

Mission and Principles

F.M.C. - Gestão e Administração de Condomínios Lda company escapes from current procedures of low prices and low service quality. Because of that, commissioning is common among extra services.

This reality took many persons to lose interest in their own property, and administration models appear that stain even more the professional condominiums management companies name. This contributes to a vicious cicle where more and more persons choose to pay less rather than choose quality service.

We believe in a win-win partnership, on which from a fair basis adjusted to the required service and without any commissionings regarding extra services. This contributes to a greater honesty and transparency.

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We are a Condominium Management Company (CAE: 68322) both housing and comercial, working in counties of Albufeira (since 2018), Faro (since 2008), Loulé (since 2003), Olhão (since 2013) and S.B. Alportel (since 2006).


Monday to Friday:
From 9am to 5pm

Resting days:
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays


Rua Padre António Vieira, Bloco B R/C Esq 8100-611, Loulé

Tlf: +351 289 417 785
Tlm (24h): +351 967 089 285
Email: info@fmcondominio.com

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